Varady, who looks much like any other early teenage boy in jeans and Converse trainers, shoots off on a solo of astonishing virtuosity and speed with the casual, distracted air that other boys of his age have when they're idling away afternoons on an Xbox.

The Times

This diminutive Gypsy guitarist cops Miles and Coltrane tunes by ear, solos like an old soul, and shares the stage with celebs…super-swinging and soulful…imaginative single-note and chord melodies punctuated with free-wheeling angular runs.”

Guitar Player Magazine

This wunderkind Andreas Varady plays much more in the vein of Wes or George Benson and, on top of that, is highly musical and responsive."


It's not just his ability to move around the fretboard that's thrilling; it's his feeling for the music, his harmonic awareness and all-round musicality."

The Herald

Much more than a technical boy wonder, he displays considerable creativity and a deep understanding of the music...phenomenal."

The Indepedent

Frightening speed, complex harmony and chording, all delivered with flashes of feel that believe his age."

Guitarist Magazine

Questions is a delight: fun, accessible, unpretentious and positive. The quartet of musicians is outstanding. [David] Lyttle and Varady are already accomplished players and represent an emerging Irish jazz scene of tremendous potential."

All About Jazz

"Come Together" EP - Now available on iTunes and Amazon

Andreas Varady - Come Together
Download Andreas Varady - Come Together on iTunes Download Andreas Varady - Come Together on Amazon


Andreas Varady is “one of the most talented people on this planet, who takes the music back to where it belongs,” says legendary music icon, Quincy Jones.

Within the past few years, a just-turned-16-year-old guitar sensation, Andreas Varady, has risen to the foreground of the jazz guitar arena. Andreas has played an impressive list of shows including: Bray Jazz Festival, Festival Django Reinhardt, Samoise, Sligo Jazz Festival, Cork Jazz Festival, Glasgow Jazz Festival, Derry Jazz Fest, Festival da Jazz, International Guitar Festival Santo Tirso, Newton Arts Guitar Festival, Riga Jazz Festival, Aalen Jazz Festival, Freiburf Jazz Festival, Ballidehob Jazz Fest, Innishowen Jazz Fest, Montreux Jazz Festival, New Caledonie Gypsy Jazz Fest, Dusseldorf Jazz Rally, Scareborough Jazz Fest, Rheingau Music Festival, Savannah Jazz Festival, International Wiehler Jazz, Wigan Jazz Festival, Northside Music Festival, Zelt Music Festival, Ronnie Scotts, Pserov Jazz Festival, Oslo Jazz Fest, Bolzano Jazz Festival, Clifden Jazz Fest, Dingle Jazz Fest, Doonbeg Jazz Fest, Bay Jazz Fest, and others.


Andreas started his ascent to mastering jazz guitar at a very young age. Born of Hungarian Gypsy descent, Andreas was raised in a small town in Slovakia and first began to play the guitar at four years old, tutored by his father, Bandi. Andreas was taught to learn songs by ear; his first tune the “Blue Bossa” jazz standard, and from then on he has continued to pursue the world of jazz music. Andreas has idolized his guitar hero George Benson, and from his early years has often been compared to the guitar legend.


Andreas began to explore sharing his talent when his family moved to Ireland in 2007. At just 9 years old, Andreas would perform for the passerby’s of Limerick and Cork Ireland, busking on the streets. People were drawn to young Varady for his talent at such a young age and his lovable performing persona. As an outgoing and determined youth, Andreas reached out to Irish drummer and producer David Lyttle who agreed to meet with him. After the introduction, Lyttle loved him and began featuring Andreas in his band. Lyttle also produced Andreas’ first album Questions in 2010.


At this time, Andreas began touring and playing shows at various Jazz festivals throughout Europe. In 2011, at 13 years old, he became the youngest headlining artist at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London. Andreas became featured in shows with Martin Taylor, Tommy Emmanuel, and Louis Stewart. He appeared on the front cover of Guitar Player magazine. In the summer of 2012, Andreas had the opportunity to play at the world famous International Montreux Jazz Festival where he performed in front of festival founder Claude Nobs and record producer and music legend Quincy Jones. A few months after the festival, Quincy signed Andreas to his management company.


To date, Andreas Varady has performed with a collection of world class musicians including: Frank Vignola, Andreas Oberg, Casey Benjamin, Terell Stafford, Lee Ritenour, Stochelo Rosemberg, Alfredo Rodriguez, Nikki Yanofsky, Henry Cole, Reiner Elizarde, Louis Stewart, Soweto Kinch, and many more. Andreas is a Benedetto artist and plays his own signature variation of the Bambino model guitar. Andreas is also endorsed by D’Addario strings and Planet Waves cables.


Most recently, Andreas caught the interest of Bob Zievers, George Benson’s agent, who has signed on to work with the young guitarist. Along with Bob, Andreas simultaneously caught the eye of the famous record producer and music executive David Foster. In the fall of 2013, Foster signed Andreas to his record label, Verve records, which will be releasing his first mass distributed album on August 5, 2014. The new album recorded in January 2014 us   executive produced by both Quincy Jones and David Foster, and produced by accomplished musicians and producers David Paich and Jay Oliver. In anticipation of Varady’s debut, four-songs from the album will be released as a digital-only EP called Come Together on June 17, 2014.


Andreas Varady is currently touring worldwide and opening for his idol George Benson in Europe and North America.


Andreas Varady - Come Together
Download Andreas Varady - Come Together on iTunes Download Andreas Varady - Come Together on Amazon



For booking, please contact:

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Ph:  212 556 5715

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